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HEMM designs, develops and delivers a wide range of electrical solutions to customers around the world. The company provides advanced solutions for stepping, brushless DC, drive, linear, and industrial Internet.

We have deep strength in design and solutions; The company has more than a few decades of industry experience of senior engineers, can provide customers with the most appropriate motor, drive, control combination of hardware and software solutions; Products are widely used in packaging machine, labeling machine, textile machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, ceramic processing machinery, printing machinery, office automation machinery, video surveillance, processing machine tools, robots and so on.

By continuing to provide customers with high performance, high reliability of high-end innovative products, so that our customers to maintain long-term market leadership, we get long-term trust of global customers.

We focus on quality control, focus on process control; Continue to provide our customers with high quality products through excellent quality, process control and material control systems.

Our mission: Through continuous technological innovation to provide customers with higher performance, higher price ratio of efficient products.



  • 2021

    Obtained IATF 16949 certificate and entered the automobile industry

  • 2020

    Update process automation transformation

  • 2019

    Expand its business into the liDAR motor industry

  • 2018

    The introduction of American lead screw motor research and development team, set up lead screw motor company

  • 2017

    HEMM has established a brushless motor division

  • 2016

    HEMM sales have exceeded 20 million

  • 2015

    HEMM introduced Toyota Lean production from Mitsuki

  • 2014

    Obtained ISO9000 quality certification

  • 2013

    HEMM was established and introduced into ERP system


  • Customer first

    We are committed to providing precise products to meet the requirements of our customers. We take customer demand as guidance, stand on the customers position to standardize our services.

  • Our mission

    Hard-working, teamwork, to create a better life for employees.

  • Our vision

    Become the first - class company in the industry, advanced technology, fast response.


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