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【New energy】Introduce

Application scenario

1, public parking lot 2, school, work unit 3, residential area 4, shopping mall


1. Connect Smart Cloud network with each operation platform to manage charging piles downward;

2. Reduce the number of devices to improve reliability;

3. Improve charging efficiency;


Wide coverage of the city, real-time service response;

Remote monitoring, real-time state control;

Professional technical team, flexible docking method;

Remote fault diagnosis, remote repair, ensure business continuity;

Centralized business deployment, reduce duplication of work, reduce the burden;

Future trend

With the three-dimensional Internet network system, charging pile is not only a charging interface, but also has intelligent attributes matching with automatic driving, automatic charging and automatic parking. It will carry more humanized service functions and integrate with life and entertainment facilities, becoming an important node of smart city and automobile network.

【New energy】map

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