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【Smart factory】Introduce

Application scenario

Man-machine management, logistics management, quality management


1. Intelligent logistics robots, as the best alternative to human resources, can link all resources such as suppliers, logistics facilities, production facilities, materials, products and personnel to realize the overall coordination of resources in all links such as production, manufacturing and sales.

2. Automated quality inspection table through industrial AI vision technology.

3. Provide digital-intelligence-driven supply chain services for new brands and small and medium-sized merchants.

4. The digitalization of the whole process is realized, the production efficiency is always visible, the quality inspection can be traced and analyzed, the intelligent operation of production factors, and the system independent decision-making.


1. Compared with manual labor, the automatic process of black light factory has significantly improved the work efficiency

2. Automated warehousing system makes logistics more convenient

3. Factory production orders can be intelligently connected to the needs of Taobao and Tmall merchants, realizing on-demand production and changing the previous mass production mode

Future trend

From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", the high quality development mode of manufacturing industry is replacing the past development mode of heavy speed, and Ham Intelligence is contributing to the birth of countless "dream factories" around the world.

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