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Lead screw motors, also known as linear motors, produce linear forces along their length. These motors are most common in high precision engineering applications. The lead screw motor is a fashionable design that comes in two different types, low acceleration and high acceleration. Lead screw motors can have any combination of high precision, high speed, high force and long stroke.

Lead screw motor size table

Bolt hole distance (square)Guide diameterPilot high school
NEMA Mounting size of motorNEMA Screw motor dimensions
Motor size (width)20.327.927.943.258.4
Bolt hole distance (square)1623263147.14
Bolt hole dimensionM2x0.4-2.0mm M2.5x0.45-2.5mm M3x0.5-3.0mm M3x0.5-4.0mm ∅5.20±0.25 孔
Guide diameter1522222238.1
Pilot high1.52221.6

Brushless DC motor

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