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【Intelligent agriculture】Introduce

Application scenario

Cattle farm, chicken farm, pig farm, sheep farm


Improve pasture capacity, optimize efficiency and reduce emissions;

The ranch operation and management system is combined with the Internet of Things technology to monitor all aspects of the ranch all day long and automatically adjust the temperature, humidity and light of the barn.

It can grasp the milk yield, feed intake, exercise amount and health condition of cows in real time, and accurately grasp the whole life cycle of cows


1. The transportation cost is greatly reduced by adjusting the network layout and selecting the optimal coverage relationship;

2. Real-time monitoring of external behavior of animal body, early diagnosis of disease and intelligent analysis and early warning can be made through artificial intelligence technology.

3. Greatly improved the timely delivery rate by reducing the number of warehouses in the whole network

Future trend

From the perspective of pasture development, digital accurate management is no longer a choice, but a necessary skill for the future development of pasture, and intelligent pasture is the general trend of pasture development in the future.

【Intelligent agriculture】map

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