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  • Which ports are affected by the blockade? Can you ship from other ports that are not blockaded?

    Today, the coronavirus is spreading around the world. With Shanghai under lockdown, we can send goods to our customers from other ports, such as Ningbo Port, Taizhou Port, etc. Recently, we have been sending goods to the United States from Ningbo Port as usual.

  • How likely are you to deliver the product as soon as possible?

    We have more than 20 customers with more than 10 years of relevant background in their industry and we offer them competitive products, not only in terms of delivery time, but also in terms of performance, reliability and durability.

  • Can you give birth during the lockdown?

    We have clients from different industries, some of them in the medical industry, so we can be the first ones who can go back to work, which ensures that we can function as well as other people who can't.

  • What about your mold maker? Are they in the Lockroad area, too?

    Most of our mold suppliers are in Changzhou, which is half an hour's drive away from them, so we can communicate anytime and anywhere, and we also have backup in other cities.

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